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  • Solar Panels Cost in the U.S.

  • Residential Solar Power System

How to Make Money with Solar Panels?

Using solar panels will also make you money.

National Grid Sale back rate - 4.77p/kWh

You also get paid for the electricity you generate but do not use. You sell it back to the grid and make up to $70 extra per year.

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Reducing your energy bills

Using solar panels will enable you to cut down your bills. The electricity which you use when your panels are active is free. This will usually save you around $100 annually from bills, but of course, the savings may vary from household to household.

Reduce Energy Bill

Panels using the latest Innovations


Passivated Emitter Rear Cell


Dual sided panels and cells

Multi Busbar

Ribbon and round wire busbars

Split Panels

Using half size cells


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